Sneak Peek of Gentrification Show

Gentrification is a topic that has touched close to home in recent years and when the opportunity came to represent a voice in the crowd, I was glad to take on the challenge.  This may have been the most complex of subjects I have encountered thus far in my career, however, it is rewarding to be a part of such an important topic of discussion.  That is what this show coming up is about: opening up the conversation about gentrification so that it can be heard from all angles and hopefully (albeit idealistically), there can be constructive ideas and/or positive actions inspired.  I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by NJTV, along with a couple of other artists in the show, to bring attention to the exhibition.  This video/article goes a little further to describe the event. (Snapshot of the video below.)  “Gentrification: The Changing Landscape of Jersey City,” will be open to the public this Saturday, January 10th from 5-9pm at 313 Gallery.  It will definitely be an interesting night.  Won’t want to miss it!  (PS- A little thank you to the curator, Allison Remy Hall, for her efforts in putting all of this together and to NJTV News for sharing our story.)



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