Celebrating the Heights with “The Distillery”

Last night, I celebrated the rise of the arts in the Heights neighborhood of Jersey City at “The Distillery.”  My painting, “The Perpetuation of a Young Mind,” made its debut in this industrial art space, which not only hosts  art exhibitions but also children’s art classes, play readings and other community-driven, creative happenings.  It was a wonderful feeling to walk through the front barn doors, immediately being welcomed by laughter, the hum of conversation, and little kids’ squeals of joy.  Yes, there were children running around, most of them from the classes that run every Saturday morning.  From the youngest toddler to the most established artist on the premises, there was an intermingling of artists from all generations.  The exhibition will be up until December 20th.  If you’d like to stop by, please feel free to.  As always, thank-you for the support.










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