To Be Complete or Incomplete?

After taking a look around my studio recently, I realized that I have a room full of incomplete works and ideas.  If I take a closer look, however, I need to ask myself- Are these pieces really incomplete?  One piece, in particular, I have been working on for what feels like a lifetime.  Something always seems to be off for me, or rather, things are right but I can’t define a stopping point for myself.  This is something I’ve noticed is common for artists -the idea of whether or not a work of art is “complete.”  It can plague some of us to the point of obsession.   So, in response to this way of thinking and in an attempt to assuage my own fear of the “incomplete” I have posted below my most recent piece.

What is complete for you?

8 x 10 in, oil on canvas
8 x 10 in, oil on canvas

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