Beautifully Compelling- A Sigur Ros Music Video

I have not many words to describe this video. How can I? … when its full of elusive meaning and ambiguity. Yet, I find it irresistible and compelling. The best way to understand its evocative pull is to watch it.

This seven minute tape was a result of a creative marriage between Alma Har’el‘s film skills and Sigur Ros‘s music. This came about when the band’s manager, John Becks, contacted seven directors and asked them to create a music video for one track off of the band’s albums. Alma Har’el was one of the chosen directors and a great choice at that (might I add). Shia LaBeouf, whose true talent is portrayed in this video, jumped into this on his own accord.  LaBeouf and Denna Thompson, the dancer he starred in this video with, share a chemistry that transforms and brings the whole piece together.

If you are just as confused yet oddly intrigued as I was when I first watched this video, you can read more about it in Shareen Pathak’s article Behind Sigur Ros’ Intense, Trippy Music Video For ‘Fjogur Piano.’


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