Integrating More Art Into School Systems- A Better Focus For Education?

This is a topic that I have been very passionate about since I first heard that some schools were taking out the arts in their systems. I may be a bit bias on this, considering I am an artist and a creative advocate, but I believe that the arts can be an important part of our children’s education just as much as science can be. Sir Ken Robinson, a creative visionary and leader, described this beautifully in his TED talk, “Sir Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity.” I love how in this “Power of Art” video, it not only verifies his point, but also demonstrates what a school with a solid art system in place can look like. May I say, it looks inspiring.

The question has been- Does art benefit a child in his or her education and does it give them a better chance for their future? There have been studies to find a solution. My question is- Does there need to be a scientific reason?


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