“The Rise of the Artist”- The Future?

I came across an article recently that brings up a topic that, at least for me, has seemed to be a constant struggle in society.  In this piece of writing titled “The Right Brain Revolution,” Auren Hoffman delves into his ideas of what the future holds for the creative minded people.

My thoughts:

Although I agree that creativity is a big asset necessary for a successful future, I don’t believe there needs to be a divide between both left and right brained thinking.  We can find creativity in science and math just as much as in drawing or writing and vice versa. I’ve got to say though, it was nice reading something that described the future being so driven by creativity. It is difficult to live your life doubting the one thing that moves you forward in life because it is deemed useless or a “nice hobby.” I believe that the most successful people of every generation embody both aspects of this argument, therefore taking advantage of the strengths of both. There is no limit for these kinds of people and no boundaries for them that can fit a formula of standards.


So what are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear other opinions on the matter.


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