Ann Hamilton’s “Event of a Thread” – Truly Inspirational

This exhibit is truly inspirational. It embodies everything I want my art to be one day- interactive, compelling and magical in its little moments. Ann Hamilton, the artist of this show, is truly someone I have added to my list of motivating artists. Unfortunately, the show is over as of January 6th, but if you would like to learn more and experience the show digitally, here is more information:

-Sarah Veloso

Inspirational Geek

Not being in New York means that I wasn’t able to experience Ann Hamilton‘s fully immersive exhibition The Event of a Thread for myself.

Fortunately for me, and no doubt many other non-New-York-ers, Paul Octavious was inspired enough to take a camera along with him and documented the experience (worth watching in full screen).

Installation artist Ann Hamilton blends elements of nostalgia, sound, movement and time in her latest exhibition. As tots roam through a field of swings, live events will allow them to explore their memories and connect to others around them.

Read the full artist statement here.  Unerringly beautiful stuff, real shame I’m going to miss it.

Thanks to the guys at Not Tom for pointing this video out.

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