Some Updates

I have been busy working on a few new projects.  Some are still in the beginning stages; however, there are a couple of pieces that I’ve already begun painting.  I’m working on smaller sizes this time around to leave room for experimentation.  Since I have mainly worked on a large scale, it will be challenging, yet a rewarding experience to work smaller.  Let’s see how this turns out!  Here’s a sneak peek of the series:

On another note, I went to an interesting opening last night titled “To be a Lady: Forty-Five Women in the Arts.”  All of the artists of the show are women, as the title suggests, and as a collective, the show calls on women to break the mold of old-age (and even common-age) stereotypes of how a “lady” should act in society.  This exhibition, hosted by the non-profit organization, Norte Maar, runs until January 18, 2013 so if you are in the area, check it out.  More information on their their facebook page:

There was one piece that really captured my attention: “Potawatami” created by Nancy Grossman.  Her wall installation was constructed of leather harnesses and metal chains.  I thought it suited the idea of the show wonderfully.  At first glance, it evokes masculinity with its coarse and heavy materials.  It brings to mind the manual labor of a barn worker.  Yet the individual pieces formed a fluid composition, one that usually is associated with femininity.  I had stood in front of it, perplexed, without knowing the reason.  Until it occurred to me- this was neither reminiscent of a male or female gender, it was unmarked and individual, leaving room for interpretation.  For a woman, or any person for that matter, there is room for personal growth and self-identity, being comfortable with whatever they see fit.

Here is a picture of the piece:


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