Thesis Show

On Tuesday, May 8, at 6:00 pm, the opening of my senior thesis show, “Enough,” was held in John E. Reeves Great Hall at FIT.  My apologies for the lateness of this post.  Towards the end, it became a mad dash to the finale and I was working on this project day and night.  I am happy to say that the night went well with a great turnout.  All of the works were of varying mediums, from mixed media, paint,  performance (which was wonderful by the way), to installation.  I truly appreciated the company and the support of those who were able to make it.    If you were not able to, I am grateful for the support anyways and there is still a chance to see it if you can.  The show will be open until May 22nd.  Below are some pictures from the event and some more information:

“Alicia,” 40″ x 40,” oil on canvas
“Jackie,” 30″ x 40,” oil on canvas
“Morod,” 30″ x 30,” oil on canvas

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