Update: Spring 2012

It’s my last semester at FIT and I’ve been pretty busy working on everything for my classes.  What has been most exciting, though, is working on my paintings for the thesis senior show coming up in May.

I do not have photographs at the moment as the works are in progress but I do have my artist statement available:

Who am I?  Why am I here?  What makes me different?  In a postmodern time when everything seems to have already been done, the idea of identity or how one be innovative is important in defining his or herself.  Individuals develop their own sense of identity through a cycle of learning and adapting.  In this way, it is compatible to that of appropriation in art and by employing this same system of appropriation in my own work, I explore and demonstrate how identity is formed.  

I asked three volunteers to draw me a picture with no other criteria to guide them.  Each person was someone I have a personal affiliation with, an important aspect to the process since individually they have been influences in my life.  I began the process by directly tracing from each drawing and from there I made alterations that began to transform the pieces from theirs to my own.  Not only did I make structural adjustments but I also chose the palette of colors myself and the medium I used was different to what the volunteers used.   Each of them also used writing implements to draw with whereas I used various media including pencil, marker, acetate sheets and ultimately oil paint on canvas.  In this fashion, I was able to visually demonstrate the formation of an individual’s identity.  What they had created became my own just as their influences have become a part of who I am.  

In addition I will include the three original drawings I am working off of:


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