Id, Ego, Superego Project

I was very excited for this assignment!  For this final project, we had to work off of a concept based on Sigmund Freud’s model of the psyche (Id, Ego, Superego) while  incorporating a figure.  In case you don’t know what his model entailed,  I will explain each further:

According to Freud,

The Id is the primitive part of a person’s mind and illogical (without any concern for what is moral, safe or practical).  It  seeks to maximize pleasure and to lessen any discomfort and relies on impulses (whether sexual or aggressive).

The Ego is the second part of the psyche that strives for balance between the Id and the Superego.   It’s main job is to satisfy the Id’s pleasure in a long-term sense and within reason.  In addition, the Ego operates on all three levels of the psyche (our conscious, preconscious, and unconscious).

The Superego acts as a kind of strict conscience.  It seeks what is good, moral and socially acceptable above all else.  Moreover it harshly criticizes any impulses and in this way is just as illogical as the Id.

My first train of thought went in the direction of the Brothers Grimm  fairy tales, where the “Little Red Riding Hood” story captured all of this well.  The wolf representing the Id, the mother as the Superego and the young girl as the Ego.  Since the model of the psyche Freud presented to us encompassed the mind of one person, I too wanted to portray it in a way that blurred the lines of all three models.  Although challenging, this was definitely rewarding in the end to paint.

Here’s the end result:

"Little Red," 5 ft x 6 ft, oil on canvas
“Little Red,” 5 ft x 6 ft, oil on canvas


5 ft x 6 ft, oil on canvas

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