Where my progress has lead me..

Below I have the two paintings.  I not only liked the description of the knife’s daily use (for peeling an apple) but also the saturated colors that could contrast nicely to the muted hues of the knives.  I then resolved to have a larger green apple in the background, with the red apple and peel in the middle-ground. I wanted to play with the depth and still maintain the idea that it’s not entirely representational.

This next painting  was done in two days and since I was on a time crunch I kind of went into this one with more zeal.  I went into describing the cut of the knife. How it can slice into objects and leave them in pieces.  I decided to cut the knife into pieces as opposed to the knife cutting into something else and this way I think I opened up new possibilities.  From start to finish I had a lot of fun working on this.  I moved with each brushstroke and really let myself go with it.

The two drawings I approached in a more straightforward fashion.  The first drawing I completed is the knife seen from an angle that almost distorts what the knife actually looks like and therefore gives off a different feel.  The knife alone has a dangerous quality to it as well as a serious tone.  In the drawing it has a somewhat comical personality, almost cartoon-like because of the emphasis I placed in some of the proportions.  I also wanted it to be a stark contrast between the darkness of the knife and the white of where it is placed, which I wanted to have as a way to make the knife seem more solid and commanding.

The second drawing was the most literal of all of the works.  This time however, I described the knife with a different approach.  I painted the knife’s blade with black and white acrylic paint and did that nowhere else.  I learned from the earlier drawing that the paint gave the quality to the blade that I was looking for: a sharpness that could describe the blade’s action even if it was not being used.  The texture of the handle is rougher and so along with the true nature of the handle, I gave it a rougher look, using charcoal to execute this.  The shadow was also done in charcoal to separate from the blade and keep it almost in likeness with the rest of the knife.

Although these works seem to be complete, I feel that there is always room for improvement or an approach I can use to further my intentions for each one.


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