Pictures from My Solo Show

So tonight was my show and I’ve got to say that it truly was exciting to finally see my work hanging up in a public space.  It was also nice to have my friends and family there to support me.  I took some pictures before most people arrived and that’s what you will see posted below.  Another thing to mention: my paintings will be at the same location (254 DeGraw Ave, Teaneck- “Lounge Zen”)  for the entire month of September.  You are more than welcome to come for a visit.  We could even set up a lunch date or something of the sort.  My mission statement, in addition to the pictures of the event, is posted below.

Mission Statement

If one could recall what it was like to be a child once again, without responsibilities and with possible adventures at every corner, what a journey that would be to take.  Try to think back to when the world was once one’s playground and the imagination took him or her in every direction.  I have fond memories of those times and have taken them with me to my adult life but since adulthood had left no time for wandering, I have channeled this focus onto to my paintings.

The world I build with each abstract piece of work is pulled together with shapes and colors that almost mimic the same quality of a child’s imagination, carrying the essence of childhood excitement, intrigue and wonder.  The simple things in life that many of us have left behind in our adulthood are something I wish to re-invoke in us all by creating these pieces.

The same system I use in my abstract work can also be found in my figurative and still life pieces.  I break down everything into shapes and colors and play them off of each other, hoping to tear apart any form even in our reality into simple thoughts of nature.   With each brush stroke, I delve into the possibility of where my world of form and hue will lead me and I offer my hand to join me, if you will take it.

~Sarah Veloso


One thought on “Pictures from My Solo Show

  1. This young new artist has brand new look on art. The painting are breathe taking and inspirational. Her eye for color and brush technique are beautiful. I am definitely excited to see what new up coming paintings she will do next !

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